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The King and the Fire Chanter

If you were to take the humor of J.K. Rowling, the charm of C.S. Lewis and the scholarship and adventure of J.R.R. Tolkien—roll them all into one—and then mix in a generous dose of fresh, new originality—you might just end up with something like The King and the Fire Chanter, a children’s fantasy novel by Arran Wend and the first book in a series called The Runes of Medarya.

Recorded myths of earth’s early history are embroidered together to form the backdrop of a fascinating legend, an adventure rich with embedded history and literary references.

Long before our story takes place, archeology had revealed the ruins of an ancient civilization called Medarya whose writings, artifacts, and mummies had connections to the ancient cultures of the Sumerians and Indo-Europeans. Mother, a historic linguist, and father, a genetic scientist, had first met while working together at this intriguing site. Now, years later, the couple is back at home and raising a family.

At the opening of The King and the Fire Chanter, we meet their children, the bold and impetuous ten-year-old Mia and her quiet and reflective older brother Shane, who are playing pirates with their neighbor and new friend Damien. At first they seem like normal Southern Californian kids—but it quickly becomes clear that things are not as they appear. As the story unfolds, the children learn (and we along with them) of an astonishing connection betweem them and the mysterious extinct kingdom of Medarya.

Destiny soon forces the children to flee to Medarya, and here their adventure begins in earnest. They face the perils of a new and untamed land, making allies and enemies of mythological creatures that could only have survived in this cleverly hidden and out-of-the-way place. While their parents are captured by the pitiless government and held under sentence of death, the children are confronted by the insane plots of an ancient mage which threaten to destroy their lives. They must race to decipher the mage’s riddles and disarm the traps he left behind—and rescue their parents along the way—before it is too late for them and their new world.

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