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The King and the Fire Chanter

quotemark...a blend of fantasy, myth, humor, history, literary references, and pure adventure sure to appeal to young adults and seasoned fantasy lovers alike ... in this absorbing, family-friendly high fantasy epic.quotemark

Midwest Book Review

quotemark...A great story with lots of humor and action. I loved it.quotemark

Kiss the Book

quotemarkThe King and the Fire Chanter is a wise book that has a surprising amount of draw. Yesterday morning as I was reading through the novel’s climax, I found myself filled with disappointment—not at the storytelling but that the book was almost over. I didn’t want to leave Mia, Shane, Damien, Cyril, Lyric, or all the other people I’d met. I wanted the story to go on and on.... After reading the introduction and first chapter to him, my son snatched the book from me and immediately read the first eleven chapters before finally being told that he had to go to sleep. It’s compelling and written with a charm that attracts readers both young and old....
The King and the Fire Chanter is the start of what could be epic fantasy juvenile fiction.... The pages are filled with humor and intelligence that easily draw a reader in. This is Wend’s first novel and I’m already eager for his next one.quotemark


quotemarkI am so impressed by the tale of these bold and brave Medaryans.... Their world is alive with suspense and mystery and adventure; it is a colorful and vibrant world, filled with breathtaking scenery and appealing creatures. Delicate traces of history sneak like vines throughout this fantastic mythological adventure. The story is complex and engaging, surprising and imaginative. The characters seem as real as my own children, heroic and vulnerable at the same time. They have been crafted with a graceful touch, with much care put into developing their personalities and temperaments. I found myself smiling at their innocence and cheering their ingenuity.... I would be delighted to buy a few copies for classrooms and, of course, for the library here at OPMS.quotemark

— Melissa Cobian, librarian
Olive Peirce Middle School

quotemarkWe read The King and the Fire Chanter out loud as a family and the kids were in fits of giggles.quotemark

— Anita Kranich, mother of two

quotemarkThe King and the Fire Chanter draws you ever so cleverly into its plot. Having read it, in part, to my sixth and seventh graders, the unanimous response is, "...keep reading!!" Kudos to the author for weaving an engrossing tale—wholesomely fresh enough for a second grader to explore, yet intricately absorbing enough to keep the attention of middle schoolers!quotemark

— Carlisle Parker, history teacher
Jordan Middle School

quotemarkThe King and the Fire Chanters has a story line that easily pulls the reader in with an intriguing combination of historical fact and enchanting fiction. Just as the reader gets comfortable with reality the writer inserts an aspect of fantasy so realistic and convincing that the unbelievable becomes believable. The adventures of Mia, Shane and Damien will make a popular read in my library.quotemark

— Laura Cupples, librarian
Hanson Elementary School

Last updated 5/3/09